The College of Design at the American University in the Emirates hosts an international conference which explores the theme of change in design education and practice.

The fourth International Design Conference (IDC) is entitled Design2Change. The conference calls into question the state of things and challenges preconceptions, prejudices, norms, and stereotypes. It provokes emotions, thoughts, sensibilities and actions.

Design is synonymous with change - it changes existing situations into preferred ones in outer life as well as in our inner balances. The conference program will discuss the change in design education and practice, and the relation between design and change.

Prof. Silvia Piardi, Director of the Design Department at the Polytechnic of Milan joins Prof. Li Xiu from the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication to highlight the integration of change in contemporary design. Leading international designers and scholars will take part in the panel discussions and workshops.


Professor Silvia Piardi

Head of the Department of Design at the Politecnico di Milano since 2011 where she is also currently a member of the Academic Board for PhDs in Design. She is a referee for the Italian Ministry of University and Research, and a member of the National Committee for the Evaluation of University Professors.

Prof. Piardi co-founded and directed the Degree in Interior Design, the Master’s Degree in Science in Naval and Nautical Design, and the Master’s in Yacht Design. Her teaching and research interests are span a wide range of interior design subjects including residences, offices, ships, boats, and urban spaces. She is a frequent speaker on the international academic circuit and has been invited to deliver lectures on subjects related to interior, lighting and yacht design in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Reutlingen, Izmir, and New Delhi.

Professor Li Xu

Founder and art director of Beijing Art A&B Design, and a Professor at the Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China. He has exhibited his work at many important, international biennial and triennial exhibitions, and lectured and taught workshops around the world in addition to serving as a jury member for many international poster festivals and competitions.

Li Xu has received several prestigious awards including first prize at the AIGA (re)design Awards 2011; the gold prize at the IDA-International Design Awards 2012; a bronze Pentawards 2012; an honorary prize at the 2008 Olympic Digital Arts Exhibition; first prize at the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou Poster Design Competition; the Best Guide Award at the 2007 Design Against Fur Competition; and an honorary prize at the 26th Summer Universiade Mascot Design Contest.

Carola Seybold

Completed her Diploma at the age of 24 years from Lake of Constance University (Germany) and further finalized her Marketing studies from University of Hohenheim (Germany). Before joining PANTONE LLC in 2008, Seybold has worked as a Senior Consultant at Glasmeier & Partner Int. She works as Director of Business Development for PANTONE LLC in Europe, Middle East and Africa and leading the Key Account Management team in EMEA.


9:00-9:30                   Registration
9:30-9:45                   Opening remarks
9:45-10:30                 Change in Design
                                    Prof. Silvia Piardi | Politecnico di Milano
                                    Keynote speaker
10:30-11:30               PANTONE: THE POWER OF COLOR
                                    How you can increase the success of your brand or product with Color!
                                    Carola Seybold | PANTONE Color Institute
11:30-12:30               Coffee Break and opening of
                                    DXB International TYPE+TEXT Exhibition
                                    Li Xu: Chinese Interactive Posters Exhibition
12:30-13:00               Design and Change Case Studies
                                    Prof. Janet Bellotto | Zayed University
                                    Mr. Kris Barber | Degrade
13:00-14:00               Design 2 Change Panel Discussion
                                    Assoc. Prof. Tiziano Aglieri Rinella | AUE
                                    Assist. Prof. Juan Roldan | AUS
                                    Assoc. Prof. Chadi Chamoun | AUE
                                    Dr. Ani Attanasove | Pixelhunters
                                    Mr. Andrea Barbieri | Majid Al Futtaim
                                    Mr. Matheus Neves | Reaktor Middle East and Africa | IXDADUBAI
14:00-15:00               Luncheon

15:00-17:00               Workshop on Digital Tools for Design and Fabrication
(CDES Lab)                 Assoc. Prof. José Carrillo | AUD
15:00-17:00               Pantone Color Training Workshop
(Auditorium)              Carola Seybold | PANTONE | Grapheast
17:00                          Closing ceremony
13 November 2018
10:00-14:00               Pantone Color Training Workshop
(CDES Labs)               Carola Seybold | PANTONE | Grapheast
10:00-14:00               Developing Design Program Content
(CDES Labs)               Workshop for design educators
                                    (Advance registration is required)
                                    Prof. Silvia Piardi | Politecnico di Milano
14 November 2018
10:00-14:00               Design Portfolio Review Sessions
(CDES Labs)               CDES has attracted international designers, directors and experts from across
                                    the profession to informally talk with young designers, students and review
                                    their work. (Advance registration is required)
15 November 2018
10:00-15:00               Interactive Design: Typographic Workshop
(CDES Labs)               Prof. Li Xu | Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, China | Open to
                                    design community and students (Advance registration is required)
10:00-14:00               Design Portfolio Review Sessions
(CDES Labs)               CDES has attracted international designers, directors and experts from across
                                    the profession to informally talk with young designers, students and review
                                    their work. (Advance registration is required)


As a part of its program for Dubai Design Week 2018, the College of Design at the American University in the United Arab Emirates will host an International Typography Poster Exhibition, titled TYPE + TEXT | DXB.

TYPE + TEXT is a project devoted to typography, communication and diversity beyond languages and cultures. The international, open and extending nature of the TYPE + TEXT project serves as an opportunity to look back at the prominent movements and traditions in typography such as the Russian constructivism and suprematism, German Bauhaus but also new typography, Dutch De Stijl, Hungarian Kassak as well as Arabic, Chinese and Japanese calligraphy.

The TYPE + TEXT | DXB exhibition will display a selection of posters by more than 60 designers from 33 countries around the world presenting some of the most
outstanding achievements and innovative approaches in typography within the field of poster design.

The letter is the basis and the common element of all the works.
The letter, which serves not only as an image, but also has a strictly defined semantic meaning. Of course, some designers treat it as an experimental form, focusing more on the shape than function; others focus on its actual denomination.

Apart from showcasing some of the most intriguing recent achievements of international designers who specialize in typography, the exhibition will also attempt to juxtapose the methods, approaches, practices and ways of thinking about design and the use of letter in various cultures and lettering.

The works will reflect upon different views, cultures, and design method prominent in various countries, thus serving as a reflection of the times in which they have been created.
How to understand the meaning in the richness of cultures and languages?
In the well-designed message of a poster, the language surely does not constitute an obstacle.

(text by Agnieszka Ziemiszewska)

The exhibition is curated by Agnieszka Ziemiszewska, PhD (Poland) and Arafat Al-Naim, PhD (UAE).
It is organized with the support of the College of Design at AUE.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication that can be viewed online here:

Illustration: works by Byoung Il Sun (KR), Peter Bankov (RU), Stephan Bundi (CH)

Li Xu: Chinese Interactive Posters Exhibition

The College of Design at the American University in the Emirates presents an exhibition of interactive posters by leading Chinese designer Li Xu.

Digital screens and social media platforms have led to new challenges and a new era for graphic designers, who are teaming up with animators to create a seductive new form of communication – the moving poster – which embraces video content and animated GIFs.

This exhibition for Dubai Design Week 2018 at the College of Design at the American University in the Emirates, curated by Dr.Arafat Al-Naim, displays the work of leading Chinese poster designer Li Xu which celebrates the emerging medium of the interactive poster.

Li Xu embraces new technologies and continually experiments with different forms, meanings and artistic expressions. This exhibition of his work showcases traditional and new approaches to poster design and visual communication with 40 printed posters and 20 interactive posters displayed on screens which will be shown for the first time in Dubai. The exhibition covers many mediums from Augmented Reality (AR) and Projection Mapping to animated GIFs.

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