The Graphic Design Program at AUE organizes the fifth (V) International Design Conference (IDC) and aims to explore the interaction and relationships between semiotics, visual metaphor and graphic design. Semiotics can provide a theoretical framework for understanding, constructing and extracting meaning in graphic design, as well as how meaning and signs work within social and cultural contexts. Under this scope, the current conference introduces semiotics in respect of graphic design education, its implementation in professional practice, visual communication theory and new technological developments. While visual metaphors in graphic design are constructed to attract attention, they often communicate messages with humor, shock, creativity and exaggeration. The conference will also present and analyse visual grammar structures in professional practice in different kinds of diagrams, including mind maps, concept maps and networks. Moreover, IDC will provide a conceptual platform on visual communication and the study of signs for designers, artists and visual communicators in general. The impact of semiotics on graphic design curricula / practice will be investigated to verify the adequacy of applying these theories to graphic design.


Prof. Evripides Zantides

Professor of Graphic Communication at the Department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at Cyprus University of Technology. Zantides’ professional works include presentations and research papers at international conferences on semiotics, graphic design education, typography and visual communication. Zantides is also the founder and director at the Semiotics and Visual Communication Lab of the Cyprus University of Technology.

Prof. Irwan Harnoko

Graphic designer and has a master's degree in education. He has been working as a graphic designer since 1993. His works include branding, corporate identities, brochures and posters. He started teaching in 1997. He currently works at the Binus University (Jakarta - Indonesia), Tarumanegara University (Jakarta - Indonesia), Pelita Harapan University (Tangerang - Indonesia). Lecturer of the School of Design, especially in the subject of Typography. Since July 2016, along with Lila Skanavi, He is the founder of Worldwide Graphic Designers, a group that was created aiming to connect designers from all around the world who share the passion of graphic design and poster design.

Participated in The Whole World as on Community – The Intenational Invitational Exhibition Poster, China - 2016, The international group exhibition of poster "Fairplay"- Mandegar Gallery - Arak (Iran) fair play 2016; Virtual exhibition of posters | offering graph of "day of the dead" 2016 November 2th at 20:00 PM (Central Mexico), the "Design Xiamen" Poster Exhibition Invitation 2016

Prof. Mukesh Patel

Professor Patel, occupied many position including Program Advisor | Master of Visual Communication Design [MVCD] | ASU, Advisory Board Member | ASU Advanced Computing Center (A2C2) | ASU, Head Message Design Team | The Design School | HIDA | ASU, Director and Associate Professor | VizualLab | The Design School | ASU, Project Leader and Associate Professor | VizualLab | College of Design | ASU, Chair and Associate Professor | Department of VCD | College of Design | ASU. Furthermore, He is an author of numerous conference papers and articles, Conference Presentations, and Design, as he presented his research in many international conferences.



International Design Exchange DX–2019 is a collaborative program developed by university professors and designers in Graphic Design programs at Central Washington University (CWU) and American University in the Emirates (AUE) to promote design excellence and enhance the students learning, professional practice and experience.

DX–2019 is a pilot show case of student’s achievements in CWU and AUE. The exhibition consists of wide range of professional design practice from branding, poster design, advertising, packaging, information and editorial design. DX–2019 is part of 5th International Design Conference (IDC) and Dubai Design Week 2019.

Curators: Prof. David David Bieloh and Dr. Arafat Al-Naim.
Opening: November 12, 2019 at11:00 am.

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